Spent a lot on rooms? Think about this place, please!

The Hallway is what I am talking about. It is stated as a ‘Pathway’ that either connects rooms together or a track that marks the entry of the building. While making the floor outlay of the building, it is often a place which demands attention. While some say to make them as simpler as possible and investing more in rooms, while others express their concern for making this stretch an interesting portion of the building to show creativity, therefore gathering the eyes of the people fostering around.

I feel for the Hallways, they are like those side-actors who are the backbones for movie plot, weave the movie with excellent skills; yet go unnoticed. Thereby pointing it, Let’s admire these frequently wasted spaces, it is highest trodden area!. Improving this would be a plus point to the ambience of the House/Hotel wherever. This arises curious people to often search over the internet for such keys. The most picturesque details tend to come from one or another location throughout the world, yet outperforming all other competitors was a City named Dubai. Heard about it? Haha..! Surely you have. If generally asked, which place do you think is the best location as far as Luxury hotels and Laudable Investment in fields of exoticism and extensive designing of details in ambience is concerned, it's Dubai!

Abracadabra! Your pathway is now a mood setter
For urgency, seeking advice from some of the best interior designers in Dubai even through emails would help, and they do assist. They are literally the pros. They know how to make you spend money at spots where you can’t deny. The Paints and Flooring along with some cool furniture set up the aura of the place to another level. That’s the reason why Dubai never sends you back unhappy and unsatisfied even you had a monetary slice in the pocket.

Let’s get deeper into our hallway
1. Flooring might be:
a. Wooden- Looks and feels genuine, the problem of over-maintenance and prone to sound/ tap while walking.
b. Tiles- Many Variants available, That is the problem too.
2. Paints and added design arts
3. Furnitures
4. Proper lightings

Here I am with few tips that you might find useful-
1. Smaller Hallway- Brighter Paints, Lighter stripped wood/ Neutral coloured tiles for making it look broader and airier.
2. Larger Hallway- Darker and more intense paints would work, Dark polished wooden floors/ deep red clay based terracotta tiles with small rounded tables with vases or other decorative over it might work. Best for more elegant and compact look.

So to cap it all, let us assume the hallway a bit more than an extra space to keep shoes racks. Perhaps it demands more.